About the company

Basic information

The Kovintrade Group consist of the parent company Kovintrade d.d. Celje and its network of subsidiary companies and representations through 11 European countries. The Group’s early beginnings are in year 1990 with foundation of parent company in Slovenia.

As new member inside trading network of Kovintrade, the company Kovintrade Hungary Kft. starts operate from 2004. Since then company’s main business activities in Hungarian market are n field of:

  • ferrous metallurgy
  • metallurgical products
  • raw materials
  • cutting facilities

Name of company:
 KOVINTRADE Hungary Kft.

Address: II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 100, H-2314 Halásztelek

Telephone: +36 24 511 225

E-mail: info@kovintrade.hu

Company registration number: 13-09-098971

Director: Sandor Pretz

E-mail: sandor.pretz@kovintrade.hu